Hemingway. You’ve read, I’m hoping (at the very least you’ve heard of his beyond recognizable name)? If you’ve happened to skim the last page of The Sun Also Rises, you might just recognize my website title as the final line: “‘Yes.’ I said. ‘Isn’t it pretty to think so,'” followed by the words center page, “The End.” Jake, the narrator, is responding to his somewhat tragic and disfunctional love for Brett after she states how nice it’d if they were together. Some context: Jake and Brett love one another emotionally though can never physically be together sexually due to Jake’s war-induced wound. Yes, I find this all rather interesting but I was thinking along the lines teetering a bit more abstract (let’s say it’s in the name of Hem himself.)

I’m no Hemingway literature junkie, he’s not my all-prided favorite author but I must say I harbor enormous respect for him and his talent. To explain, more so I was inspired by the final line than taking it at it’s face value.

“Isn’t it pretty to think so.”

I, and as I suspect many of you, have pictured up some lucid idea of what something, anything, is and often inaccurately. To give an example, college, this mental image you have stored away could never be mimicked precisely down to every detail in reality, simply unrealistic. It’s a lesson age-old, reality rarely meets expectation. I think this quotation serves as an anchoring principle to ground oneself in reality. It might be “pretty,” nice, inaccurate, and easiest to think of something only as you do – to opt to maintain your imagined image over it’s real life honest self but it’s backed in falsities. Living so caught up in own’s head where the world before them cannot nearly compete with it’s more perfectly conjured mental image is a vain existence. Simpler terms? Stay real. In perceptions and experience of life, do not stay believing that the world need be as you think it ought to or as some media sources tells you it ought to. It is what it is. Embrace the world as it’s true self in your true self.

Recently I received an assignment to start a story with the last line of another; so here, is my story, my blog story.

So. Boom. Just like that this blog was created. Why ?

“Ms.Indecisive of life,” a quotation from my own life, out of my father’s mouth. Yes, that’s me. I’m characterized by indecision and far too many interests to narrow down to a sole liking – but I’ve been told maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe so. I’m using this space to bring everything to a single space in high hopes of narrowing down my major interests that I should admit great focus to. We’ll see how this goes, for now it’s simply a test run.

***I didn’t take snapshot that header photo of Hem, that’s be pretty dope though.


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